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We are almost done with 2018! Reflecting on a year that has passed, I always find myself thinking of the ways that my tutoring clients have grown. I think about how hard they have worked and about all of the different ways we tried new things to make learning better. I spend my nights in the home of all sorts of wonderful families and over time I have noticed that it isn't just the session that tutors provide, but there are tips, tricks and activities that we leave behind. Over time these small facets of the work become building blocks to well-developed skills. As a special educator I am constantly looking for ways to differentiate, or change the teaching and learning, so that it is most meaningful to the child. It is easy to forget that not everybody has this experience and education, including busy parents. I've decided to start this blog so that I can provide strategies that are easily-implementable (and hopefully fun) to families and friends so that they can keep the learning going strong long after our session ends.

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