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Educational Consulting

Through consistent communication with teachers, we identify areas of curriculum that might prove challenging for the child, then advise on creating culminating projects that will ensure top work and highest level of success. 

We provide collaborative strategies and skill building tools for parents to ensure continued success long after our work is done. We coordinate with therapists to ensure that our work overlaps and strengthens the same skills. 

Working closely with children, their parents, their therapists and schools in this hands-on-manner allows our tutors to follow the complete process of education from start to finish.


The ultimate goal is  to build a bridge supporting the educational team in school while fostering a pathway to independent success at home. 

Collaborative Planning

IEP Consulting

The goal of Individualized Education Plan consultation is to guide families to understand the components of their child's IEP to ensure that they are comfortable with the full document.

Looking at the placement, accommodations, annual goals, services and test modifications we ensure that the document is clearly defined and understood. If the IEP does not adequately meet the needs of the child we support families through the process of reevaluation, by attending the IEP meetings as well as direct communication with the school special education team. 

Consulting needs vary on an individualized basis. Send us an email to hear how we can best support you.
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