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"Tamar is an excellent educator. I can not recommend her highly enough.  On a 10/10 scale, I give her an 11.  She has drastically improved my daughter's skills and confidence.   She has been working with my child for about 2 years. I found her after interviewing a good number of other applicants. I needed someone that could "catch her up" after having a disastrous 1st grade experience (where my daughter lost both her confidence and her learning trajectory due to in-class problems out of our control).  Tamar's expertise, professionalism, ethics and personality immediately stood out.  I knew that she would "click" with my daughter and more importantly be able to help her.  Not only did she "catch her up", my daughter is now well-beyond class level in math and near the top of the class level for reading and writing.  Finally, a number of my friends, after witnessing my daughter's progress under Tamar, have hired her to help their children." -Lauren, Parent of client; age 8

"Emma has been an enormous help in aiding our daughter's reading comprehension and overall reading confidence. Her patience, enthusiasm and slow and steady approach have made their sessions something to look forward to each week. We could not recommend her enough." -Amaya, Parent of client; age 7

"Tamar connected us to the perfect tutor to meet our son’s reading needs. Our now 9yo son has ASD and ADHD, which was impacting his ability to focus and learn to read. Right away, he took interest and progressed. We couldn’t be more pleased with his progress!" -Stephanie, Parent of client; age 9

"Chalkdust is incredible- Tamar worked so quickly to pull together a teacher for my daughter's pod when our initial teacher left in the middle of the year. Aviva was incredible and the transition was seamless. Tamar also took the time to talk with me about my daughter's transition to K and I am so grateful for her insight." -Rena, Parent of client; age 5

"It took the pandemic for us to realize how severe our child's reading challenges were. Once we saw their struggles in remote school, we realized there were issues that the school was not addressing. I found Chalkdust from a referral on a mom's Facebook group page. Tamar identified an amazing tutor with superb qualifications who worked with our child for six months, and elevated his reading level from a B/C to an F/G in that time. When we wanted extra reading support over the summer, again Tamar found a great teacher with experience supporting kids with language-based learning disabilities. Tamar runs an elegant and efficient service and her teachers are top rate. Our kids came to enjoy their weekly Zoom sessions both for the warm company of their teachers and the fun and sense of accomplishment they got from learning with them. I highly recommend Chalkdust - Tamar provides a reliable quality experience that we are so grateful for.-N., Parent of clients; ages 5 and 7.

"Tamar is an excellent teacher. She came highly recommended by a friend in my daughter’s class and exceeded expectations. Tamar adeptly identified gaps in learning in both reading and mathematics and knew just how to motivate in fun and engaging ways. What I am most thankful to Tamar for is the confidence she has instilled in my daughter to address any academic and social challenge, which will stand her well right through school." -Nan, Parent of client; age 7

"Tamar was wonderful with our daughter from their first introduction. She was warm and caring and knew just how to make our daughter comfortable with her.  This ability enabled my daughter to trust her as they began their tutoring sessions.  From the beginning, Tamar demonstrated her strong knowledge of the curriculum and the different strategies to create an individualized learning approach for our daughter.  Within only a couple of sessions, Tamar's positive impact on our daughter's academic abilities were evident.  Tamar strove to understand our daughter's thought process and in doing so, was able to make concepts more accessible and enjoyable for our child. By the end of our summer tutoring sessions, our daughter had achieved her goals and felt confident with starting third grade in the fall.  Even after our time had ended, Tamar followed up with our daughter's progress and continued to give encouragement.  Overall, Tamar was a wonderful influence on our child and we feel that any child would thrive under Tamar's great tutelage." -Kim, Parent of client; age 9

"Tamar was such a pleasure to work with. She found us a great tutor for our needs. She also was willing to talk me through the challenging IEP process I was working through, which was above and beyond what was expected. She really cares about her students." -Jeni, Parent of client; age 11

"My son entered first grade in a new school and and with a myriad of disadvantages. It was clear from day one that his success or failure rested on the shoulders of his teacher. Thankfully, that teacher was Tamar. She single handedly changed the direction of his social and academic trajectory. She fostered a loving and safe environment for him to shine. His success was overwhelming to us his parents and we are forever indebted to her. Their rapport was so special that when the academic year ended she agreed to stay on as his tutor the following year. During her one on one time in my home I was able to see first hand the range of skills she brought to the table. She truly uses "a whole child" approach to learning. We could not speak more highly of her capabilities, compassion and commitment" -Rachel, Parent of client; age 9

"I want to share my experience with Tamar and her staff's support to my son, K. My son is in pre-k and we felt like a little academic support was needed in some areas. We started to work with Tamar, she was as wonderful as one can be. She was very knowledgable, understanding of a kid's world, and she made her way to K's circle. Tamar and one of her colleagues worked with K for a while and the improvement we observed was amazing in a very short time. The amazing thing is that K never thought he was working, he always thought that he was playing with Tamar and that is why he was so focused and into it. It was truly 'learning by playing'. I really appreciated their professionalism and talent." -S, Parent of client; age 4

"Tamar is so amazing, she bonded with my son very quickly and as a result he learned so fast and so much. She has a very good teaching method, without overwhelming. My son is so happy before she comes and every time she is about to leave, he's asking for a bit more time. He loved to learn and he retained all that they did." -Sebnem S., Parent of client; age 4, kindergarten preparation skills

"Tamar developed a strong relationship with the child and over the year developed strategies that helped him with self-confidence, reading (decoding and sight words), and math. Tamar developed ways to engage him and motivate him as the lessons and sessions became more complex. He was a different child as Tamar ended her work in May. She is very knowledgeable in developing curriculum and differentiating instruction for her students." -Sue C., Classroom teacher

"Ms. Lindenfeld and I share a few clients, working together in their different areas of challenge. What struck me about her was the way in which she so organically made our respective works intertwine. Ms. Lindenfeld has made a significant impact on the academic progress and self-esteem of her students.  She provides a thorough assessment of each child's abilities and implements thoughtful cutting edge teaching approaches to help them through areas they most struggle with. 

Her ability to connect with her students and work effectively with other team professionals is striking and what sets her apart from others." -B.L., Speech-Language Pathologist

"Tamar finally helped my daughter love school. My daughter had a bad experience with a teacher and  It caused her to have difficulties in school. She didn't enjoy learning or trying, her confidence was low. Tamar came in and truly changed her life in school. She was able to help find personalized ways to get my daughter to like school again. She listened to my daughters frustrations and focused on using them to come up with practical learning strategies for class. My daughter enjoys reading and writing, when only a few years ago she was hiding under the table when I took out a book!" -F.A., Mother of client; age 8, reading support

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