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Founded by Tamar Lindenfeld, the Chalkdust Inc. team is made up of highly qualified, passionate educators with a love for learning, and improving their craft. Working collaboratively, we meet to share methods, strategies and ideas so that we are constantly evolving. 


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"Education is not the learning of facts,

but the

training of the mind



_Albert Einstein

Meet Tamar

Tamar Lindenfeld received her Bachelors of Arts in early childhood and elementary education as well as in hebrew language from CUNY Queens College. She received her Masters of Science in Early Childhood Special Education from Bank Street College of Education. Since 2010, when she began tutoring, Tamar has been refining her craft in individualized educational support. While getting her masters she realized the reward of incorporating what she knew of special education into her tutoring sessions, and from this her educational consulting began. As her relationships with her clients deepened, her connection to their families grew and so too her desire to help the parent become an active member of the struggle that education (sometimes) can be. Tamar started Chalkdust Incorporated with a dream to provide individualized support to children throughout Manhattan. 


When she is not tutoring, consulting or teaching, Tamar can be found outdoors with her Australian Shepherd. A native New Yorker, Tamar now resides in the East Village and utilizes the parks, museums and cupcake bakeries that the city has to offer.

Our Tutors

Maria Ines Zanotti, known as Ines, received her B.A. in Psychology from The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. She received her M.A. in Early Childhood Special Education from Teachers College, Columbia University as well as a bilingual extension in Spanish Education. Ines has taught both kindergarten and first grade, she is currently teaching in East Harlem. Ines values experiential learning and works hard to get to know a child in order to best develop an educational plan that is centered around their interests. She feels strongly that this fosters an intrinsic motivation and passion for learning different skills. 

When Ines is not tutoring or teaching, she can be found running, or with a cooking utensil in hand. This NYC transplant now resides on the Upper West Side and takes advantage of the parks and nature in her backyard. 

Anna Fosselman received her Masters in Early Childhood Education, both regular and special education, from Pace University. Prior to her graduate studies at Pace, Anna received her BFA in Musical Theater from The New School. Anna currently teaches in a 3’s classroom in a private school in Manhattan. Anna truly believes in meeting each student where they are, and in giving them the tools and resources to feel successful. Her students gaining confidence in all areas academically is of utmost importance to her. Play based learning is something that Anna feels very passionately about. She feels it is crucial to give students hands on experiences that allow them to explore and to learn about the world around them in an individualized way. When working with children to prepare for G&T testing, it is this school of thought that guides Anna's plans for each session. In addition to teaching pre-kindergarten, Anna is trained in Teacher's College Reading Rescue and has used this training to work with students grades K-2 in literacy. With this work Anna has been able to bring students below grade level to grade level and above. When not teaching, Anna can be found singing, volunteering in the kids program at her church and hanging out with her friends. 

Thomas Vorsteg is a dual-language special-education teacher fluent in both English and Spanish. He taught in New York City's Public School System in bilingual elementary classrooms. He graduated Fordham University with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science and then, earned his Master of Science in Early Childhood General and Special Education from Bank Street College.  Thomas sees tutoring as a powerful intervention tool because it is an opportunity to provide highly individualized instruction.  In addition, he also really enjoys the unique bond tutors develop with their students and families.  Thomas's enthusiasm for experiential learning means that his sessions are filled with exciting, hands-on learning experiences that are highly engaging. When Thomas is not working with and learning from children, he enjoys practicing his Spanish, reading plays, seeing live theatre, trying out new restaurants and playing with his cat, Charlie. 

Sydnie Henkin received her M.S.Ed from Bank Street in Early Childhood Special and General Education. Prior to studying at Bank Street Sydnie receives her B.S. in Child Psychology and Early Childhood Education from Tulane University. Sydnie currently teaches Pre-K at a private school in Manhattan from September to June and has the role of Camp Director for 1 to 5 year olds over the summer.  Sydnie is passionate about play based education, as she deeply values the importance of children having a hands-on experience to make learning their own. Sydnie specializes in working with children 2 to 5 years old and has experience with preparing children for G&T, Hunter Elementary, and Private School admissions. When not teaching, or overseeing and planning camp, Sydnie can be found in her kitchen cooking, teaching children’s cooking classes, or out and about with her dog, Moose. 

Andria Manolopoulos has had a true love of teaching since childhood. After getting her bachelors in Childhood Education from SUNY Oneonta, she moved to New York City to work with the diverse population the city has to offer. After teaching fourth grade in the Bronx for a few years Andria set off on an adventure to teach English in Thailand. She currently works as a math curriculum specialist and targeted assistant for grades 4-8 in the Bronx. Andria specializes in test preparation for all ages. She is trained in test preparation for the state tests grades 3-5, as well as Gifted and Talented testing for children in early childhood. Although Andria is highly skilled in testing, she values the whole child. Getting to know her students personally allows Andria to create fun, engaging lessons that ensure students meet grade standards through games, projects, and technology. Her focus is not learning for the test, but instead providing children with skills that are useful for the test and beyond! When not teaching, Andria can be found hiking upstate or in the kitchen making meals from scratch.

Brittany Angelini graduated Siena College with a dual major in History and Education. Brittany's expertise is secondary education, she has worked with students grades 7 through 12 and most enjoys teaching English Language Arts and History. Brittany cares deeply about the development of the whole child. She focuses on social and emotional growth through education by developing working techniques that help her clients build confidence and healthy habits. Brittany is so passionate about mental health that she is pursuing her masters in School Counseling from Fordham University. 

In her free time Brittany enjoys reading novels, practicing yoga and spending time with her loved ones.

Genevieve Rana received her Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of California, Riverside and her Masters of Science in Museum Education, Childhood Education from Bank Street College of Education. Genevieve specializes in math support for students of all ages. She has had the unique opportunity to engage with students of different ages in museum, classroom, and outdoor settings. Due to the diverse and, often, unpredictable environment of informal education, Genevieve thrives in differentiating learning opportunities using unique resources for her students. She has translated this experience to her work in the classroom through the use of hands-on investigations and experiential learning. She strives to instill a growth-mindset to support her students in becoming lifelong learners. Genevieve currently teaches first grade in Manhattan and continues to work in museums during school breaks. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys going on long runs, reading, and trying new restaurants

Shannon Ballou is an enthusiastic, progressive educator who values the whole child. Shannon received her education in Washington D.C. at the Catholic University of America. She taught pre-k for many years and followed a Reggio Emilia approach. She values song, dance, and rhythm when working with our youngest clients. Through her early childhood work she focused on fine tuning her expertise in developmental benchmarks of children from birth through early childhood. Shannon measured student progress by their ability to meet these standards. After teaching pre-k for a number of years she switched over to second grade to see how the work on the front end of early childhood education impacts the end of it, and the overall transition into elementary education. These experiences gave Shannon invaluable insight into ways that foundational skills impact later stages of education, and showed her how to prioritize skills with her youngest students. We are happy to welcome Shannon back to New York where she has returned to school to study at Columbia Teacher’s College to earn a masters degree in literacy.

Victoria Monte received her B.A. in Developmental Psychology from New York University. She is currently completing the second half of a dual degree program, pursuing an M.S. Ed. in General and Special Education from Bank Street and an M.S.W. in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University. Victoria has worked in classrooms with students in grades 1-5. She uses an empathetic approach to seek an understanding of each student’s mind, life, and world. She then crafts teaching and working techniques that suit a student’s learning needs while also contributing to the development of the whole student. She helps students build confidence, assess the skills and knowledge they already possess, and visualize what they can become. When she is not teaching, Victoria enjoys baking, playing the ukulele, reading, and spending time with her friends. 

While attending college at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., Ellie Sands interned for the Department of Education and pioneered their "Story Engine" initiative. Through this endeavor she researched, documented, edited, and published the individual experiences of school officials, teachers, and district leaders about their challenges and the best practices they used to overcome them. After graduating from college in 2017 she became a corps member for Teach for America, where she taught eighth grade English Language Arts at Harlem Prep Middle School in Harlem, New York. Ellie wrote and planned curriculum aligned to the Common Core Standards, and leveraged quantitative and qualitative data in order to alter that curriculum to fit her students' needs. Ellie taught an IEP cohort and tutored her students in their core subjects. She was also part of the "Champions" mentorship program at her school. After her time teaching, Ellie attended Columbia University Graduate School, where she received a Masters of Arts in Political Science and pursued joint studies in Journalism. It was at Columbia that she co-founded the criminal justice reform non-profit "The Pathway Project." Ellie is currently the CEO of The Pathway Project, and spends her time advocating for criminal justice reform alongside educational equity. In her free time she goes on walks with her french bulldog, Scout, enjoys boxing, and loves going to the beach. 

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