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Virtual Programming

Similar to our in-person programming...

Chalkdust offers virtual support for our youngest clients in early childhood to our high schooL students. we understand the challenges that virtual learning can present and as progressive educators it is important that our lessons are remaining engaging, interactive and exciting even when being taught remotely. our highest priority is to maintain the same level of quality and integrity as our in-person sessions.
Among the subjects we teach,
we have found that these are
the most requested virtual services:
-foundational reading and math instruction
-essay writing 
-math instruction (pre-k through 12th)
-Spanish language instruction (pre-emergent to fluent)
-Reading support (early childhood and elementary)
-shsat prep and test prep skills
Virtual Tutoring FAQ:

Does the parent need to be a part of the session?

We do not require parent participation as part of the virtual tutoring program. We welcome your participation and would love to explain ways you can further the work that was done throughout the week, but it is not required. In fact, understanding the demands of a parent's schedule we feel we are not providing the highest quality services if a parent is required to participate. Initially, parents might need to support their child with the set up of the technology and their help might be required for unexpected tech issues. 

Do you offer joint tutoring sessions virtually?


Our programming (whether in-person or virtual) is highly customizable. We are happy to accommodate the needs and requests of our clients! We don't recommend joint tutoring for all ages but we've found that technology is highly conducive to joint sessions and we are happy to make it work when we can!

What program do you use for virtual tutoring?

Our tutors are flexible and open to whatever program your family is comfortable with.We have found that there are minor differences between the different video-chatting programs and we are well versed in utilizing them respectively to do our best teaching. 

Are your virtual tutoring rates the same as the in-person rates?

As with our in-person tutoring our highest priority is to provide individualized support to all children. We are always open to discuss pricing with families to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Like in-person tutoring, virtual-tutoring requires a different type of planning and preparation on the part of the tutor. Understanding that virtual-tutoring is not always a choice but a need, it is our pleasure to try and work with families according to their capabilities and needs. 

Do we need to buy any books or items to prepare for the virtual sessions?

It is important to Chalkdust that we are considerate of resources, mindful of space  and creatively economical. Every client is receiving an individualized program and in most situations the work is done completely through the technology. For some programming, especially children in early childhood working on writing, tutors will make arrangements with parents to print specific resources. We are happy to work within your limits and keep things easy for our families! 

What feedback have you received about virtual tutoring?

We are happy to report that families are extremely satisfied. On more than one occasion we have received feedback from parents that their child does their best learning during our sessions. 

Is virtual tutoring for all children?

Servicing a range of clients we understand that virtual-learning presents a variety of challenges not usually encountered during in-person learning. Though we typically support children from 1.5 years and up, we find that virtual learning can be challenging for children younger than 4 years of age. Knowing the difficulties that come with virtual learning we customize our programming for each child to try and overcome any obstacles. This includes adjusting the length of time per session, incorporating in movement breaks, utilizing video recordings and frequency of sessions per week. 

What time do the virtual-tutoring sessions usually take place?

Virtual-tutoring offers us the luxury of flexible scheduling! Our tutors have flexible availability during the morning, afternoon and evening hours. 

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