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Early Childhood

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Preparation

Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten Preparation focuses on laying the foundation for a life-long career as a learner. Fostering a love for knowledge and growing the child's self esteem, we lay down the building blocks for literacy and math. At a developmentally appropriate pace, your child will learn and understand the foundational skills for kindergarten. Topics of focus include; letters, numbers, shapes, colors and patterns. Our early literacy instruction involves a high level of exposure to engaging, enriching texts. Letter sound practice, writing practice and phonemic awareness are all integrated and interwoven to give children a strong and stable beginner's skill set. Students proficient in those areas will begin enrichment work, focusing on letter sounds and beginning to combine sounds to read whole words. Early math work includes building an understanding of quantity, using tools and manipulatives that make math equally fun and concrete. We use quantities to represent numbers, and tools that can be found at home to encourage consistency during home-practice between sessions. 






Gifted and Talented Test Preparation

Our Gifted and Talented Test Preparation is a program that primarily focuses on critical thinking and analytical skills. Using the child's knowledge and experience we focus on growing their thinking skills so that rather than being prepared for a specific set of questions, the child has the skills to problem solve. We believe in teaching the child, not the test. This is why we utilize your child's knowledge and capitalize on their strengths to help them grow while challenging the child at their level. 

Young Students
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