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Kindergarten Consulting

The transition from pre-kindergarten can be overwhelming for children, as well as for parents! Chalkdust offers support for families from beginning to end, and all throughout the steps of the kindergarten admissions process. 
Our consultants will sit down with you to explain the steps of the process and to give you a detailed description of the timeline so that you know what’s in store every step of the way. After meeting with you to gain a thorough understanding of your priorities and values, a Chalkdust consultant will help to create a personalized school list, made up of a number of schools. You will have assistance in completing the application components. You will receive support on how to strategize and to best prepare your child for the admissions process, and our consultant will work directly with your child in anticipation of adult interviews as well as peer play groups. The final steps in the process will be guidance in choosing the best school for your child after receiving acceptances. 
By supporting parents and children simultaneously, we ensure that the family is best prepared for the different parts of the process that will lead to your child’s placement. 




Considering your family’s interests and needs, we will help you compile a list of schools that are most suitable for your child. We will introduce you to the process and help you plan for what’s to come. 




We will guide you through the application process, from essays to important information. We will ensure that you are communicating effectively with the schools so that they have a well rounded view of your child and your family.




We will work with you to prepare for your interview with schools. We will meet with your child to help prepare them to meet with adults and with play groups.






After receiving acceptances we will help you organize, strategize and prioritize to choose the best school for your child and for your family. 

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