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OuR Services


  • Tutoring and Individualized Support

  • Educational Consulting

  • Kindergarten Consulting

  • Prekindergarten Consulting

  • Enrichment and Extension

  • Organization and Executive-Function Coaching

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Special Education Support

  • Standardized Test Preparation 

  • G&T Preparation

  • Spanish Language Instruction

Individualized instruction 

for students of all ages, abilities and interests.

Subject specific


Literacy Support: 

As your child learns to read, there are a number of skills they are trying to access, internalize and grow. Together we will work on the phonic skills; decoding words by sounding out the letter sounds. We will identify sight words and practice recognizing them within the context of a book. Your child will practice the behaviors necessary for reading which includes tracking the words from left to right, using the pictures for clues, and stopping to think about what is happening while reading. Finally, together we will learn to think like a reader. Your child will practice thinking deeply about what they have learned. This will look like, making personal connections to the text, making inferences, asking questions, and predicting what might happen. Together we will build the skills necessary to become a strong, confident reader. 


Math Support: 

Math skills vary greatly by the age, grade level and skill set of your child. For every child, math skills develop based on a strong number sense and an understanding of how and why. Together with your child we will work on number relationships, so that your child's number fluency builds and allows for more fluid problem solving. We will focus on problem solving in multiple ways to ensure that your child's mathematical thought is flexible, creative, and efficient. 


Special Education Support: 

Every learner is different, and everyone learns in different ways. Together with your child we will identify what works best and what is most challenging to modify and accommodate their work so that it is tailored to their abilities. Whether it be the way that the child completes their assignments, typing instead of writing, or conveying their ideas through an alternative medium, together we will expand the options your child has so that they feel empowered as a learner. 



For students with multiple classes, assignments or exams, planning and organizing their work can become overwhelming and intimidating. Your child will gain the skills to prioritize their work by deadline, interest, and time restraints. We will practice planning so that your child is working at an appropriate pace while analyzing, and reflecting on, the process so that your child is learning to independently manage their education. 

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