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Summer Slide: What you need to know

Summer slide, learning loss, summer set-backs. There is more than one catchy alliteration for it but, no matter how it is dressed up we definitely don't like it any better. Most commonly referred to as the summer slide, we are talking about students losing skills over the summer months.

The "Summer Slide" has been a hot topic of conversation as far back as the 70's. Though age, grade, and family income all play a large part in the amount of information retained, it has been proven that students can lose between 1 month and 3 months worth of learning over the summer months. 3 months is 30% of a school year!

NWEA breaks it down even further and reveals that over the summer students lose nearly 20% of their school-year gains in reading and 27% of their school-year gains in math. When talking about an elementary aged child that means that they are moving back somewhere between 1 and 3 reading levels and they are missing more than one whole unit of math.


Stay tuned for some suggestions on how to support your child and combat that summer slide, beyond reading nightly!

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