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oh craps, my child needs help with math

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

One of the best ways to practice early math skills is through game-playing, but it's hard for parents to get all of the right tools and to find the time to play. If you have a pair of dice you are open to a variety of games that will allow your child to build their number fluency (bonus: dice games make for a really easy clean up). Here are just a few!

Dice War:

Roll two dice, the sum of those two dice will be that player's score for that round. Take turns and keep track of your score, first player to 100 wins.

(Ex: if you roll a 2 and a 5 your score for that round is 7)

This game can be adapted for subtraction, if you start at 100 the winner is the first to get to 0. It can also be adapted for younger children where the winner is the first to get to 50 or 25.

Roll for More: Roll one die three times, write down those three numbers. Have the second player do the same. Both players will add up their totals and whoever has a higher total gets a point.

Make Ten: Roll one die, player has to figure out how much more they need to add to that amount to make 10. If they identify the correct amount, they get a point. First player to ten points wins.

This game can be adapted to subtraction by playing with two dice, players identify how much to take away from their total in order to get to 10.

Closest to 100:

Roll two dice and make a two digit number (if you roll a 4 and a 7 you can either make 47 or 74). The object is to make a larger number than your opponent. Each player should identify how much more they will need to make 100.

Roll and Expand:

Roll one die three times, and make a three digit number with those three numbers (in the order of your choice). Write that number in expanded form.

(Ex: if you roll a 4, 3, and 8 and you make the number 843 it would be 800+40+3).

Roll and Race:

Roll one die three times, and make a three digit number with those three numbers (in the order of your choice). The second player rolls and does the same. Players write their numbers as an expression to show which is greater and which is less.

Ideal for ages 5-8

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